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The Finima Community Overview

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Finima Map

Finima is an ancient (most ancient) community in Bonny Island; strategically located at the South-Eastern coast by the mouth of the Bonny River; that empties into the Atlantic ocean.

  • The area is apt and suitable for marine export/trading activities; by reason of the North-Eastward deepen river channel of the Bonny River.
  • The above features have since been exploited by the early Portuguese traders/slave merchants. Today, It is a very strong magnet for most hydrocarbon and allied industries on Finima land.
  • Finima is a fast developing community in Bonny Island, with an estimated population of 45,000 as of March. 2016. (NPC & NBS Sources) . NLNG recently estimated an additional 12,000 workforce to be engaged during the Train 7 project.
  • Finima has 12 adjoining settlements, counties, and suburbs; including the NLNG residential area and the workers camp settlements.
  • Indigenous Finima people represents only about 40% of the total inhabitants of the community.
  • Occupation of the aborigines is mainly subsistence fishing and farming, civil service and SME engagements.

Finima presently hosts the following companies as landlord:

Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited – SPDC
Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited – MPN ExxonMobil Subsidiary
Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas  Limited – NLNG

Nigeria Limited – CNL
Total Elf
  • It is obvious from the above that Finima is the treasure base of the Kingdom or Island and therefore must be accorded its deserved priority consideration.
  • Finima is a relatively peaceful and hospitable community in Bonny Island and has been so attested by all operating outfits in the Island.


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