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Finima Employment Bureau

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bobhfin Staff asked 6 months ago

The concept of "retrospective operation of law" refers to the application of a law to facts or deeds that occurred before the law in question was passed. Such laws modify or change the legal ramifications of actions that occurred before their enactment.

Yes, on that note before BKEB or BIRC, there was Finima Employment Bureau (FEB) established in November 1995, the very beginning of NLNG Construction by JBN.

FEB had three leaders before the same stray rats 🐀 started similar chaos, that led to the centralization and remained BKEB now BIRC. Even our Bonny brothers were coming to Aruwari in Finima to be shortlisted.

Have you ever asked yourself why Finima alone has 40% and the rest of Bonny 60%? Simple! We are host to the multinationals.

Representation of the three houses in BIRC is not about collecting chances. It simply implies that in the entire members of BIRC, the 3 houses MUST be represented in the day-in-a-life running of the same, not just mere chance collectors.

Fact, it is not a chieftaincy matter. It is the Ministry of Chieftaincy and Community Affairs that was referenced to settle any dispute, or, if any of the terms of resolution were not implemented.

Fact, it is not a fight between brothers but misguided few less than 0.001 percent, who are playing scripts of those instigating the fracas while they surreptitiously benefit like they did over 26 years ago.

Fact, while we fight they benefit from the disunity, hence they fuel it further.

Fact, no single individual, chief, or whatever can choose a representative to BIRC. It is solely the youth that decides who represents them to avoid favoritism and it has been working.

Dare I care to ask, what is your headache if we decide to manage our 40% directly, which automatically resets to 100% equivalence in the ratio of 60%, 20% and 20% to Buoye Omuso Brown, Attoni, and Tobin respectively?

Fact, the representation in the BIRC leadership is not in line with the same resolution you misconstrue, and misinterpret to the gullible populace.

Fact, the Doctrine of Retrospective Operation simply invoked implies that status quo as resolved should remain, which had never been met 100 percent, yet we let go out of our magnanimity. But you take our sue for peace as foolishness.

Time controls everything!

Leave us alone!

Again those stray goats and rats should better wise up. They will use you and dump you.

Who no like your papa no like you

Tamunofiniarisa Brown

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