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Amadabo of Finima at 60th Birthday

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Aseme Alabo Dagogo Lambert Brown, the Amadabo of Finima, claims that his entire life, including all of his accomplishments, is a testament to the workings of God’s compassion and mercy.
At his 60th birthday celebration in Finima, Bonny Local Government Area, Rivers State, on Saturday, May 6, 2023, he made this statement, thanking God Almighty for bringing him thus far in life.

Aseme Alabo Dagogo Lambert Brown and his wife, Aseme Alabota Atonye Brown
Aseme Alabo Brown, the Chief and Head of the Buoye Omuso Brown Major House (BOBH) of Finima, described the distinctive characteristics of the Finima Community and stated that “no be me do am, na God” could have created them. My testimony is, “What do I say to God?,” or “Ate duo Tamuno Piribem?”
“As a result, I urge us to praise God slowly. I’m not alone as long as Jesus is here with me. That is my testimony, and it is based entirely on grace. According to the Bible, God, not man, is the one who extends mercy.
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He stated that “there were always those who were better than me or ahead of me,” adding that “from my educational qualifications to ascending the stool as Chief and Head of the Brown House, it was God’s grace that has always propelled me.”

“Mercy and grace go together; grace and faith go together; everything about me is God. Everything I have gone through and experienced in life has been by grace because, when I consider all the locations I have been, from school to being the Amadabo, I see that it is God.

The Chief and Paramount Head of the Edwin Tom-West Chieftaincy House of Buguma, Kalabari Se-Alabo Somina, attended the occasion, which included a vibrant audience. At a meeting held at the Finima Townhall, participants included Edwin Tom-West India, Edwin III, Iwayi-Izi I of the Rumuadaolu Clan, Chief Stephen Atuzie, Pali Alabo Felix Yellow Brown, Pali Alabo Victor Tom Brown, Alabo Senibo Frank Briggs, members of the BOBH Council of Wari-Alapu, as well as elders, women, youths, and locals.
The vicar of St. Patrick’s Anglican Church in Finima, Ven. Promise Jaja, delivered the homily. He urged everyone to follow in the footsteps of Aseme Alabo Brown and “make Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour” by attending the event.

“I have observed many admirable traits in him, but his love for God is the one that moves me the most. He is quite humble and loves God. His entire existence is centred on God’s grace.

The senior pastor of the Hilltop International Christian Centre, Reverend Chris Oarhe, who was with his wife, Dr. Stephanie Oarhe, proclaimed the anointing of Joshua and Nehemiah on the traditional ruler, and he prayed for divinely bestowed success in leadership, prosperity, and successful strategies.

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Senior Pastor, Hilltop International Christian Center, Reverend Chris Oarhe, and his wife, Dr. Stephanie Oarhe

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The Head Chief of the Cockeye Brown War Canoe House, Kalaomuso Polo, Alabo Edwin Cockeye Brown, and the Secretary of the BOBH Council of Wari-Alapu, Wari-Alabo Airigha Brown, paid tribute to the celebrant in their well-wishes by listing all of his admirable traits and noble virtues and pledging continued divine protection and direction over him.

Other dignitaries at the event include the Asawo Sibidabo of Buoye Omuso Brown Major House (BOBH, Igbiwari Brown, his predecessor, Tammy Brown, Chairman, Finima Youth Congress (FYC), Shedrack Brown, his predecessor, Charles Brown, Coordinator, National Orientation Agency (NOA), Bonny LGA, Iwarilama Brown, Ex-Chairmen of Bonny Integrated Recruitment Centre (BIRC), Vivian Brown and Aladiokuma Hart, Chairman, Finima Capacity Development Committee (FCDC), Owuna Fenibo, Chairman, Finima Development Committee (FDC), and Chairman, Ayambo Community, Godswill Jumbo, amongst others.