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REJIONDER: Mind Boggling Details of How Finima Land Was Leased to Mobil for 50 Years – Tobin House Secretary


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We read with amusement, contents of an online publication by Kristina Reporters on the above subject matter. As leaders of thought of the Buoye Omuso Brown Major House of Finima, we considered our frank respond to this hazy narrative as thoughtful, needful and very important to set the records straight and consciously inform the public about the lies being peddled by someone with a penchant for spreading lies and misinformation capable of misleading and causing disunity in Finima. We therefore state as follows:

  1. That Golden Tobin’s submissions are not a representation of the generality of the Konibo-Ye-Awanta (Tobin) House of Finima. He represents a renegade and perpetually dissident faction of strange bedfellows of the Tobin House whose loyalty is neither to the House or Finima Community, or who, at best have made themselves “sponsored” agents of disunity.
  2. Yes, there was indeed an MOU of convenience which was a goodwill gesture and brotherly hand of fellowship from the Buoye Omuso (Brown) Major House (owners of the land in discuss and all other lands in Finima), to the Doughbo (Attoni – Minor/Sub), and Konibo-Ye-Awanta (Tobin – Minor/Sub) to be afforded certain privileges therefrom regarding the erroneous and vociferous amount of money he claimed  to have been paid by Mobil Producing Nigeria as at then.
  3. That Golden Tobin, from his submissions of this said on-line publication just confirmed that indeed this MOU existed, yet claimed in court (during cross-examination) that the document was fake and the original for which he could not produce. This goes to show the type of character that claims to represent the Tobin House.
  4. That, yes, indeed Golden Tobin and his cohorts did ask the honorable court for a declaration that invalidates the said MOU. Sadly, what they failed to tell the public is that, while they as appellants made this prayer, the Buoye Omuso (Brown) Major House as defendants also prayed the honorable court for same relief. In fact, the judgement summarily notes that the claimants being the Tobins were not forced or deceived into signing the MOU but freely did so, and that since all the parties in the suit (both claimants and defendants) agree or no longer desired to be bound by the MOU, same was set aside but not on the ground of fraud as alleged by the claimants.
  5. That indeed the Buoye Omuso (Brown) Major House is extremely glad that the honorable court granted this prayer. It is a technical win for the BOBH. What this implies is that, prior to this position, that MOU would have been a tool/magic wand with which Tobin House could request for some privileges from the Buoye Omuso (Brown) Major House, and even be listened to. Sadly, this can no longer be the case because the Buoye Omuso (Brown) Major House would always respect the decision of this honorable court and other courts of competent jurisdictions.
  6. That the Buoye Omuso (Brown) Major House, despite being faced with a myriad of provocative quests, misguided and unfortunate outbursts from the likes of Golden Tobin, his cohorts and sponsors-at-large, will still work to ensure harmonious coexistence with other well-intentioned members of the Tobin House.
  7. That the Buoye Omuso (Brown) Major House DOES NOT need the blessing and/or permission of the Tobin House as claimed to be represented by Golden Tobin when entering into any form of lease agreement with any individual or corporate body. There are loads of evidential pronouncements from courts of competent coordinate and appellate jurisdictions declaring all lands in Finima, and all that appertains thereof and therefrom to be the sole preserve of the Buoye Omuso (Brown) Major House – Justice O. Inko-Tariah judgement in Suit No. (PHC/174/72). They forgot to also mention the latest pronouncement by the Honorable Justice S. Aprioku (PHC/227/2014), who noted that the issue of the founding of the Finima land had since been settled in favour of the Buoye Omuso (Brown) Major House.
  8. That Golden Tobin and his cohorts should immediately seek the face of God, repent and allow the Almighty God to use them for peace-making and community development.

Signed: Leaders of Thought in the Buoye Omuso (Brown) Major House and Finima.

| Engr. Tamunofiniaria Brown | Sir Tamunotonye Martins Brown |

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Engr. Tamunofiniaria Brown

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Sir Tamunotonye Martins Brown


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