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Month: March 2024

Tamunofiniarisa Brown

Response to the Spewed Rubbish by Darlington Adango Tobin about Anniversary Declaration by the Amadabo of Finima

Response to

Firstly, Sunday Abraham Tobin was never a chief and, Tobin is a minor house under Brown. Chief Buowari wrote to the Bonny Native Authority (now Bonny Chiefs Council) but they declined several times until when it was time for him to be made chief and he did not meet up the requirements. It was cancelled and he was merely chief by mouth!!!

Secondly, Tobin House was a creation of Brown Major House and not entirely on their own, proven in various courts of competent jurisdiction. So, like a drowning man, people like Darlington Adango Tobin would be throttling to grab anything they could lay hold on to survive.

Thirdly, the word Amadabo did not start today, and we have documented evidences to those effects, even during the time of King Awusa. Only the five duawari are Amadapu. Wilcox could not have been amadabo because Aya-ama belongs to the Lala, Ebie, and Asimini Oruakpa (Dubin-Green) before most of them moved to Greens Iwo-ama (meaning Greens new town) barely 100 years ago, and not the Buruwi (Wilcox).

Fourthly, the creation of kala-wari (minor houses) was due to the depletion of the houses when Jaja and his supporters left Bonny to found Opobo. It was done to balance power amongst the houses. At the time, the Isowari and Ijumangima (Ijumangibo*) were just burusu like every other burusu in Buoye-Omuso Brown Major House! The Isowari and his descendants understand that fact and are hitherto integrated into Brown House since the time of Abebo Williams Brown, even after, he (Isowari), was set up by his own brothers (Ijumangi group) and killed.

Fifthly, why would anyone without a warped-up brain refer to Omuso as belonging to Perekule. Late king Opuada Secondos did not survive that useless baseless utterance made for selfish gains; to say the least, the Buoye Omuso Brown Major House had refuted those rubbish spewed by a drunken king that insulted his ancestors that salvage the kingship for him. I dare to ask again, before Omuso, were there no Clan Heads (Amada apu)? So, why is Omuso the bone of contention? Omuso was just a bridge between the clan head era and the chieftaincy era, and Pereukele was just a ceremonial head and was trying to grab and arrogate powers to subjugate the duawari especially.

The Perekule should even be very thankful, even the current king, to Buoye Omuso Brown Major House without them Perekule would have long gone into oblivion and stop using misguided perverts to fuel disunity in the Houses.

Sixth, Adum and Attoni were mentioned in the Adam’s Intelligent reports of 1936 because they were the only kala-wari (minor houses) presented to the Bonny Native Authority as minor Houses by the Buoye Omuso Brown Major House. Tobin was never mentioned because they never existed as separate entity. Again, they were burusu in Brown House. Brown House Created Tobin-Brown and its first ever chief was Samuel Owunabo Tobin, presented by the Buoye Omuso Brown Major House by its gigi. That again was proven beyond reasonable doubts in the courts of competent and coordinate jurisdiction.

Seven, the paramountcy of the Brown Major House of Finima cannot be overemphasized and no amount of peddled lies from people with proclivity for propagandas and agents of disunity can change that fact!

Eight, writing and publishing fallacies have become their norm, and we know that their failing and wailing sponsors will soon meet their waterloos!

Nine, Aseme Alabo, Engr. Dagogo Lambert Brown, the paramount ruler, Amadabo of Finima, Kongo the XVII, has every right and authority to upgrade the sub-units to sub-chiefs, the same way his predecessors did for Tobin, Attoni and Adum (now Tamunobere)! So, stop displaying your anal-propelled folly in the public because it will lead you to doom!

Ordinarily, I would have just forgotten about this because a nitwit donkey would always say the grass is blue, when even the blind lion knows the grass is green.

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Response to the Spewed Rubbish by Darlington Adango Tobin about Anniversary Declaration by the Amadabo of Finima 4
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Response to the Spewed Rubbish by Darlington Adango Tobin about Anniversary Declaration by the Amadabo of Finima 5
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Response to the Spewed Rubbish by Darlington Adango Tobin about Anniversary Declaration by the Amadabo of Finima 6

Attached herewith are Pages 35, 36 & 37 of the Adams Intelligent Report on Bonny Kingdom. I challenge Darlington Adango Tobin, to within 48hrs, publish similar document to show the status of his Tobin as of 1936 in Bonny Kingdom

I challenge Darlington Adango Tobin to publish within 48hrs similar document to show whether Tobin family has a recognised Chieftaincy stool in Bonny Kingdom as of 1949. Page 37 clearly mentioned Chief Henry Buowari Brown and Chief Mark Attoni as the then seating Chiefs and Heads of BOBH and Attoni Chieftaincy Houses respectively, vis a vis their economic value to the Kingdom, in terms of taxable males in these Houses.